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Center for Bioscience and Biotechnology (MU-OU:CRC)

Nucleotide sequence analysis, Bacterial Yeast and Fungal Identification Service

 1. DNA Sequencing

            - Analyze DNA sequence by automated DNA Sequencer, ABI Prism 3100-Avant Genetic Analyzer,               Applied Biosystems.

            - About 500 bp readable (depend on purity of DNA template and specificity of primer used)

            - Receive samples in the form of purified plasmid or PCR product (single product)

            - M13 forward-reverse primers, T3, T7 and SP6 primers are provided and used for free of charge.               If you want to use other primers, submit your sample together with the primers (2 pmol/ml              (mM), 10 ml) and Tm of the primers must be informed.

Figure 1: DNA sequencing interferogram   

  2. Bacterial, Yeast and Fungal Identification

           - Sequencing and alignment of nucleotide sequences from 16S rRNA gene of bacteria or the D1and              D2 domain at the 5' end of 26 S rRNA gene of yeast and fungi with the database from The National              Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) 
           - Receive sample in the form of single colony or pure colony of bacteria, yeast and fungi on agar              plate or slant

           - Primers will be provided and used for free of charge


 Service and Payment

1. DNA sequence, 700 bath/sample, if you submit 20 samples or more the service fee will be discounted at     10% discounted.

2. Bacterial, Yeast and Fungal Identification

              - Reading one direction (about 500 bp), 1,500 bath/sample, two directions (forward and reverse),                 2,500 baht/sample   
              - For bacteria, full length of 16S rRNA gene, 3,500 baht/sample, two directions, 6,500 baht/sample

       * Discount 5%, if you pay in cash (within 7 days after obtaining the sequencing result) , no charge for 7% VAT for all services.

Service form

DNA Sequencing Requisition Form
Requisition Form For Microbial Identification
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